This is the evolution blog of Alexicon Reviews,  my old review blog. I loved that old thing but unfortunately it had a hint of confinement about it. No matter how much I thought through it I couldn’t separate the fact that I had put reviews in the title but wanted to post more than just reviews. It seemed like the best time for a rebrand. I have just finished with university and now I need work and can read and write whatever I like! It’s a really liberating feeling, I must say. So my post should come in thick and fast and I hope this blog will be buzzing with activity before too long.

You can expect:

Thursday will be my structure day, and on those days I will post up my reviews, they are usually 400-800 words long, and I hope to cover my thoughts on the stuff I have been reading. I’ve mostly been doing novels but I want to expand to books of poetry and short stories.

On other days of the week I’ll probably be posting my own writing, and I would like to have a regular slot for an ongoing poem series which will probably show up on Mondays.

Other than that, my posts will come up as and when I have ideas!

Also make sure to check out my archive of the novel reviews I did on my old blog. They can be found on my page bar!


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