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Project 365.111 – Changing

At my partner’s home, on the wall is an old barometer. I don’t know all that much about it, other than its basic function. Tap the side and the needle moves towards what the weather is going to be in the near future.


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Project 365.78 Frost

It was a proper frost this morning, coating the roofs of cars in glistening pinpricks of light, as it reflects off the surface.

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Project 365.50 – Obedience

Getting them to sit still long enough for this tool AGES.

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Project 365.21 – Dragons

I am a bit of a fan of dragons. If you were to look in my bedroomind you’d see proof of that! The game pictured is called Simurgh and is pretty much all about dragons.

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Project 365.17 – A giant Oreo cake

Well this might be the best thing I have ever baked. 

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Project 365.16 – Library #1

I include the hash because I am certain to include more pictures of other libraries! This particular one is of Birmingham University’s new library. I haven’t ever seen round it, but perhaps I can appeal to my girlfriend’s generosity so she can show me around one day? 

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Project 365.15 – India

The move day has finally arrived, so here is curry to celebrate! 

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Project 365.14 – Ingredients

Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s official moving in day! So naturally a cake has to be made…

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Project 365.13 – Air

This morning the sky was mostly clear but a little cloudy and as I walked to my bus stop I saw a couple of planes flying overhead. Now, I don’t know what caused it but there were no vapour trails coming from them at all, so they just slid through the air without leaving any trace they’d been there.

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Project 365.12

It’s surprising I have gone as long as 12 days without a bookshelf shot! Reading has always been important to me, and I have ways loved the variety you get within the space of a few shelves.

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