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Project 365.326 – Royalty

We have stopped off for part two of the holiday – a few days with my grandparents in Dorset. This is their dog, William. He’s certainly the king of this house!


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Project 365.161 –

Home is a comforting place, especially with these guys staring up at you when you come in!

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Project 365.79 – Late Walk

It wasn’t even that late, but winter is coming and that means darkness and is not the friend of the photographer, and I was in such a hurry in the local suburban quaint village part of the city, stopping for a picture unfortunately slipped my mind. But nevertheless, I am pleased Skye the Shetland sheepdog made an apparence other than that inside the house!

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Project 365.39 – Dogs

I forgot again! I took the picture on the day, just didn’t post it, and I don’t have any extras this time… so here are dogs! I was hoping they’d not be used this quickly, but never mind.

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