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Project 365.172 – Rain wet blossoms

Spring is almost upon us, and the dismal winter months are giving over to… more rain. But when flowers are opening up, the rain on the delicate petals makes for great close ups.


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Project 365.158 – Berries

My dad, romantic as he can be sometime bought my mum a bunch of flowers. They’re in a vase in the lounge now, and while they’re still there and not dying I thought I would capture one of the more unusual parts of it.

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Project 365.42 – Daisies

I am no botanist, and I sincerely apologise to any who are. I cannot be sure if these are daisies or if they are not. Regardless, it’s been a while since my last macro and I felt like it today. 

It turned out okay, but I really need to use my old camera for this sort of shot I think…

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Project 365.26 – The Last of Them

The flowers are dying. The sunflowers I pictured a few weeks ago are starting to wither. But sear high the garden, still some can be found in bloom. 

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