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Project 365.365 – Finish

Well, that’s it for Project 365. I’m glad it’s over. That was a lot of photos. I got lazy with posting them towards thenend, but I did most of the photos, missed about 3 in total, but there we go! I’m proud of this. I contemplated a ‘selfie’ for the final photo. But I hate them so here’s my hand.



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Project 365.364 – Farewell

On our way home, and just one last shot of the scuplture of Gladstone at the front of the estate. The weather for the drive back was as good as we could have hoped for!


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Project 365.363 – Dark and Light Views

Wandering around North Wales today and I couldn’t decide on just one. The first is Flint Castle, one of the shady dark parts at the bottom of the chapel tower. It’s mostly home to pigeons now.

The second image is a view on the way to Ruthin, taken from the car park of a restaurant. I had to stop because it was such an amazing view.



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Project 365.362 – Gladstone’s Interior

This is the Theology Room. More or less the main even of the library. it’s silent, and full of old dusty tomes about religions of all different kinds. A lot of these books were read by Gladstone himself.


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Project 365.361 – Gladstone’s Library

Gladstone’s Library is a beautiful old library in North Wales. It was founded by William Gladstone, former prime minister of the UK.


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Project 365.360 – Rusted Coil

Out for a run this morning, and on my normal route was, unfortunately, a burned out scooter. It made for a good subject though.


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Project 365.359 – Symphony

This is the ceiling of Birmingham Symphony Hall. It’s a great place for music and shows and all of that sort of thing – but it’s also basically the only quiet coffee shop in the city centre – great for getting some work done!


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Project 365.358 – Lines

Another from Birmingham University campus, one of the newer buildings. I really liked this angle of it, with the overhead walkway and the planters leading off into the distance.


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Project 365.357 – Spines

Next up, my partner has started a little cactus collection. We’re hoping it doesn’t get too big – space is limited! Black and white looked better for this image, the light was fading a bit.


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Project 365.356 – Bright

It’s post project. I finished! I finished, but didn’t upload until now. I really messed up the numbers and need to sort them out still as of the moment I am writing this. It’s a bit of an off putting task! But here we go…

This was taken on Birmingham University campus, a really stunning bright flower.


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